What people say about working with Valerie Geller

“Valerie has an uncanny ability to develop talent. If you have a passion for podcasting or broadcasting, work with her! Her vision, innovative ideas and profound understanding of storytelling will enhance your presentation to help you create a successful career.”

“Valerie was and is a key part of the recipe for the success of KFM in Cape Town.”

“Motivating and solution oriented, our team is still talking about your presentation for our News/Talk Town Hall.”

“A proven track record of boosting ratings—Valerie Geller should be at the top of your list.”

“Valerie’s book is an industry bible. She’s a visionary, an outstanding believer in talent, above all, and brings out the best in people.”

“Thank you Valerie for your work with our producers and program hosts. We’ve seen an immediate result in both the quality of our content and audience ratings.”

“Working with Valerie and the Powerful Radio methods transformed what we do on air and delivered incredible results”

“Anyone who works in radio, podcasting or just communicates for a living should read her book and hire Valerie.”

“Valerie’s ability to work with talent to identify and explain exactly what isn’t working and why is amazing, you hear an immediate difference. The direction is right on.”

“Beyond terrific. Valerie’s coaching and workshop are amazing, not only Inspirational, but also give a great roadmap to get to execution.”

“Thank you for all you’ve done working with the talent for CBC radio and for all you’ve taught me.”

“Valerie can transform an average or boring host into a compelling companion (you’ll want) to listen to every day”

“It’s always worth it. When hosts work with Valerie, the improvement is substantial”

“As a speaker, Valerie is a dynamo. She is so sought after and highly regarded in her craft that we would have to find the largest conference room we had available to accommodate the over flow audience that would attend her session. Valerie is one of the most outstanding consultants in the media business today and her uncanny ability to engage with myriad of cultures to communicate her expertise is absolutely incredible.”
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