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Valerie Geller has written a number of professional articles and is the author of five books including bestseller: “Beyond Powerful Radio – A Communicator’s Guide to the Internet Age” from Routledge press which has been translated into 9 languages. More here: link to or And

Geller has been a contributor to many books about media including:

“Viral Podcasting” ,”The Radio Station” “Audio Production Worktext” and “Managing Electronic Media” the forthcoming text, from Routledge, “Finding Your Voice with Audio & Radio Production” due for publication in 2024.

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Beyond Powerful Radio – A Communicators Guide to the Internet Age, is a guide to communicating powerfully in a digital world – for news, talk, information and personality – powerful communication techniques across multiple platforms, broadcasting


The Beyond Powerful Radio book comes with an instructor manual. (Note: If you teach, adopt the book as a text,
Valerie will happily speak to your class.)

Beyond Powerful Radio


Foreword by Tom Taylor


Creating Powerful Communicator-Quick Start Pages

I. Tools: Creating Content for Any Platform

   1. Creating Powerful Content – No Longer “Just Radio”

   2. Are you a Generator or a Reactor?

   3. Personality Radio, Morning Shows

   4. From Rock to Talk (and anyone who wants to do a talk show!)

   5. Local vs. National Programming

   6. Performance & Formatics

   7. Finding & Developing Talent

   8. Airchecking

   9. Managing High Ego Talent

   10. Avoiding Burnout

   11. Show Prep

   12. Producers – Facing the Blank Page

   13. Talk Shows

   14. Call Screening

   15. Interview Techniques – for Journalists, Talk show Hosts & Music Personalities

   16. Public Service

II. Storytelling & Voice

    17. Becoming a Powerful Storyteller

    18. Your Voice – Improving Your Instrument

III. News

    19. Creating Powerful News

    20. In Case of Emergency – What to do

    21. Citizen Journalism

    22. Traffic & Weather Together

    23. News-Writing

    24. News Anchoring

    25. Multi-version News

    26. Integrating News & Talk

    27. Integrating TV, Radio & the Web

IV. Working Across Multi-Platforms

    28. Audio Communication Across Multiple Delivery Platforms:

   – Broadcasting, Streaming, Video, Social Media, Podcasting, and Beyond…

V. Marketing Content

    29. Promotion

    30. Branding – Building The Brand Beyond Radio

VI. Making Money

    31. Sales and Commercials

    32. Fundraising and Giving

VII. Understanding the Audience

    33. LifeStage Demographics

    34. Research

VIII. Final Notes

    35. Final Notes

Beyond Powerful Radio – An Audio Communicator’s Guide to the Digital World
Is available  in October 2024 from Routledge Press

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