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CREATING POWERFUL RADIO: A COMMUNICATOR'S HANDBOOK FOR NEWS, TALK, INFORMATION & PERSONALITY BY VALERIE GELLER is now available in the newly updated revised edition with new material. The new edition is available from FOCAL PRESS now.  You can order the book through or directly through

or through


    If you've ever spent a Monday morning, desperately going through last Thursday's paper for stories and topics, Creating Powerful Radio has ideas you'll use.

    Valerie Geller's first book has sold thousands of copies worldwide.  It delivers the method to take a boring story and make it meaningful and riveting to an audience. Geller says, "It's easy to do news when there's a lot going on, but it's a challenge on those dull days. That's the real work of the job and where creativity comes in."

    You'll discover how to take a complex or difficult story and break it down in ways your audience can quickly understand. In a sound bite world, this book will help you get the best out of your sound bites in the shortest period of time. The goal: maintain journalistic integrity, inform entertainingly and keep audiences glued to their radios and TVs.

    Creating Powerful Radio shows how to:

    Make it relevant. Make it matter. Tell the truth and never be boring!

    With sections by newswriting guru Mervin Block, along with tips and techniques from some of the top broadcast journalists on air today, (award winning reporters from CBS News, 1010 WINS in New York, KGO and KCBS radio and KPIX-TV in San Francisco, and KFWB/Los Angeles, are among the contributors).

    Valerie Geller's Creating Powerful Radio shows you how to:

  • Speak in terms the listener can picture
  • Find your best material
  • Tell the truth
  • Never be boring
  • Be who you are on the radio
  • Click here for Creating Powerful Radio's Table of Contents

    What broadcasters are saying about "Creating Powerful Radio"

    "Valerie is a big picture thinker...Great insight for the novice as well as the tenured professionals."
    David Kantor, President AM-FM Radio Network

    "This is the book I hope my competitors don't read. Required reading for my entire staff."
    Jerry Bell, News Director KOA & KTLK/Denver

    "Everyone in radio... no make that anybody who communicates for a living should read this."
    Phil Hendrie, Talk Show Host KFI/Los Angeles

    "Intelligent, insightful, she has the touch... a great lady to have on your side."
    Larry D. Cooper, Former Vice President CBS Radio News

    "It's my bible"
    Asa Paborn, Producer, P-3 Swedish National Radio

    Phil Taylor, BBC Scotland

    "We bought ten copies"
    Viktor Worms, Antenne Bayern, Munich

    "This book is very good. I've been carrying it around with me, even in the budget meetings!"
    Bob Mackowycz, CFRB, Toronto

    What Broadcast Educators Are Saying

    What others are saying about "Creating Powerful Radio"

    "Chapters address show prep, avoiding burnout and dealing with high ego talent. Includes enough do's and don'ts to to make those who work in or love radio, a pro."
    Billboard Magazine

    "This book contains valuable tips and information geared at presenters, managers and programmers."
    Music & Media

    "I loved the book and am recommending it to my class!"
    Jo Maeder (The Rock 'N Roll Madame) currently teaching radio at New York University

    "Although the tips and tactics are very valuable, the true value (of the book) is in the methodology.  Not only is it packed with insights, it is well-written and fun to read.  It is obvious why so many radio people consider this a must."
    John Sawatsky, Professor of Journalism, Canda